"You can do anything with a camera when you know how to use it"- Gary, age 10

Over 350 million photos are estimated to be loaded on to Facebook everyday. This number doesn't even reflect the images that are loaded on to other social networking sites like instagram, twitter, tmblr, flckr etc Today's kids see photographed images all day everyday and are responsible for a chunk of the 350 million + pictures that are taken everyday. With this many pictures being seen and taken, how could you not develop an "eye" for photography on some level? Kids today have a developed sense of what they like and don't like about subject and composition. They know the difference between some thing that is worth looking at and something that is boring. With such an immense love of image making, sadly ,many kids don't know much about its history or scope. The first time I asked a class what did "we" do before digital photography, they all yelled out "that thing where the picture comes out of the camera (Polaroid)!" but they had very little concept of what film was. When I explained film and showed them a film camera and a roll of film, I asked "how many pictures do you think you can take with this?" They guesses where anywhere from 1000 to 70, not even close to the actual number of 24. Kids today understand live view and filters. They are capable of creating movies and photos on handheld technology that any adult would envy. However, have very little understanding of manipulating settings on a camera. With the tiniest bit of instruction, they grasp these concepts way quicker than grown ups. My favorite quote from a student was a 10 year old boy in a summer camp I was teaching. he was getting a little bored with simple portrait taking and sensing his love of technical stuff, I showed him how to play with slow shutter speed. His mind was blown!

"You can do anything with a camera when you know how to use it"- Gary,age 10


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