Stranger Teens

My teen classes are very near and dear to my heart for so many reasons. The teens challenge me technically and creatively to grow and learn as much as possible. They give me the gift of seeing the world through their eyes. I find that many of the teens I work with have so much knowledge but may lack resources or confidence to set up styled shoots, that's where I come in. It's important to me that my teens and I connect about what their photo goals are. They show me images they are drawn to and we brainstorm how we can achieve those goals. I casually mentioned one day that we should do a Stranger Things themed shoot based on the popular TV series, and they seemed (upside)down.

Some trips to the thrift store and digging through closets was part of the process for creating this shoot. My goal was to have props and costumes that were inspired by the show, nothing had to be "perfect."

"11" was played by my daughter. We went with season 2's version since she has hair and all, haha.

I played Joyce because I'm a mom and ,well, maybe a little crazy. We had a dad play Hopper, a Barb and a Lucas. Everyone looked great and we all had a blast.

Here are some pictures taken by Renny Hyde, an awesome teen! I love how Renny isn't afraid to try new things. He is a very clever photographer.

There was a TON of problem solving on this shoot as there is on any shoot. This is one of the reasons photography is so great for developing brains, PROBLEM SOLVING! If it's too dark, what do you do? If it's too bright, what do you do? This shoot took place on a weird weather day aka Atlanta Spring. One minute it would be grey and overcast and the next minute super bright and sunny. We also started this shoot around 6:00 pm and ended at 7:30 so the light changed dramatically. We had to adapt and get creative. Creativity is a survival skill, I always say!

Here are some images taken by Indira, another super awesome teen! She did such a great job capturing interesting moments and expressions

I got to play around with the camera too.

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