When I was a kid, not only did I always almost always have a camera with me, I would often employ my friends to model. One of the best ways for me to do this was at sleepover birthday parties. We were already going to be doing makeovers so photo sessions fit right in. I would create backdrops out of blankets and would take the shades off of lamps to use as my lights. They would pretend they were high fashion models and I was 'Scavullo'. Much of the things I enjoy at 45 years old I also enjoyed as a kid, photography is no exception. I still talk my friends into playing dress up and high fashion model/photographer! haha This got me thinking about throwing photography birthday parties as part of my services. I mean, I loved them in the 80s, why wouldn't kids today like them? Thus my birthday party package was born!

The focus on my birthday parties is less fashion these days and more fun (although, I can totally whip together a fashion photography birthday party, no problem!) Typically, we do a little photography lesson that includes a short history lesson where we learn about different kinds of cameras and get to use the Polaroid aka The Magic Camera!

We also can incorporate that polaroid into a craft project.

After we have learned a little about the history of cameras and how they work, we need something to photograph. That is where scavenger hunts come in. Scavenger hunts are so much fun!

We look for all kinds of things. This helps sharpen the "photographic eye" and teaches you to see the world in a different way. We are literally looking for art EVERYWHERE!

After the scavenger hunts when everyone feels comfortable with the cameras, I get out the dress up clothes and we go nuts!

Before I leave the party I make sure each partier gets a goody bag with some cute photo related trinkets and we get a group shot to remember the day.

Once the party is over, I upload all the pics taken that day and cull through them to create a folder that I send to all the partiers. This way everyone has not only the pictures they took but also fun pictures taken of them as well. All the best pics go into a scrapbook I make for the birthday person to help create a very memorable birthday party and keepsake. These parties will surely not be forgotten though!

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