Your friendly neighborhood photography classes

My summer is filled to the brim with photography camps. This past Summer I taught every week of the summer as many as three camps/classes a day. I LOVE my crazy Summer teaching schedule!

I was contacted by a really neat mom who wanted her kids to have an enriching Summer but wasn't interested in waking up early to try and get each of her kids to camp. I didn't blame her! haha She asked if I would be willing to come to her house and teach lessons to not just her kids but other kids in her neighborhood. She happened to be very active in her neighborhood and sent out an email to everyone announcing my arrival. What a great idea!

Once a week, after teaching my traditional camps, I would drive to her house and was greeted by a group or eager photography students. As always, I brought all the gear and props. We went on photo walks, did scavenger hunts, created interesting lighting, photographed each other and nature and any other eye catching thing that happened to come into our frames and we played! This was so much fun! Neighborhood classes are now one of my very favorite things to teach.

Here is a very small sample of some of my favorite images from those classes. If you are interested in setting up a neighborhood class, let's talk!

My toys are awesome models!

A fun way to teach the importance of shutter speed.

Me and some gear

I brought a 70-200 mm lens for them to experience

This student was as happy as a pig in mud, haha. This was a lesson on perspective and visual story telling.

forced perspective

more visual story telling with my animals

I have learned in my 5 years of teaching photography to kids, they are drawn to nature photography.

Check out those ants!

We created "creepy" light and shadows.

Photowalks and scavenger hunts were a big hit. It helped that this was a visual awesome neighborhood but you can find cool things to photograph anywhere.

"find something orange"

"find something wet"

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