May 26, 2020

March 12 2020 was the last time I taught in person in a classroom outside of my home. I left work that Thursday not feeling so great, I felt like I had a fever. I was scheduled to do a photoshoot for a funky vintage clothing store, typically I would be buzzing with exc...

January 14, 2019

“I Have A Dream” Silhouettes

Camera Class For Kids

Prepared by Brook Hewitt

This is a  silhouette portrait of Max with a copy of the "I Have A Dream" speech layered on top. This was done in camera on a canon 6d multiple exposure setting.


This lesson is me...

April 22, 2018

Since I was a kid myself, I've worked with kids. I took my first babysitting job at 10 years old (it was the 80s, people did stuff like that, haha.) I was an abnormally mature child and often took on a care giving role to those around me. I was told "you are so good wi...

March 29, 2018

My teen classes are very near and dear to my heart for so many reasons. The teens challenge me technically and creatively to grow and learn as much as possible. They give me the gift of seeing the world through their eyes. I find that many of the teens I work with have...

March 22, 2018

Bokeh - the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lens.

My students will ask me, "You know, when there's part so a picture that are blurry? How can I do that?" This is a very popular question in all of m...

March 14, 2018

Wednesday's Child is a televised feature that helps recruit adoptive families who can provide permanent and loving homes for children in Georgia’s foster care system. Wednesday evenings on FOX 5 News at 6, Alyse Eady introduces you to a special child who is looking for...

January 9, 2018

When I was a kid, not only did I always almost always have a camera with me, I would often employ my friends to model. One of the best ways for me to do this was at sleepover birthday parties. We were already going to be doing makeovers so photo sessions fit right in....

November 11, 2017

My summer is filled to the brim with photography camps. This past Summer I taught every week of the summer as many as three camps/classes a day. I LOVE my crazy Summer teaching schedule!

I was contacted by a really neat mom who wanted her kids to have an enriching Summ...

March 29, 2016

One of the greatest joys I have had to date, teaching photography to kids, is the special needs class I was recently contracted to teach. 


My students vary in ability and most have never taken a photograph before.


I use almost exclusively, point and shoot cameras...

May 1, 2013

Over 350 million photos are estimated to be loaded on to Facebook everyday. This number doesn't even reflect the images that are loaded on to other social networking sites like instagram, twitter, tmblr, flckr etc Today's kids see photographed images all day everyday a...

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"You can do anything with a camera when you know how to use it"- Gary, age 10

May 1, 2013

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